03-15 Auspicious Suspicions


The ides of ideas is upon us,

carried on silver backs,

shining with red hands,

snapping up lesser forms.

The first,

swimming in the stream of consciousness,

aware of itself only in impulse.

Defined by actions

instigated in carefree disarray

subtlety was lost on it

until given time to grow.

The first was a stage

outgrown by age and abandoned by reason.

The next,

more complete of itself

is in the midst of now.


Sliding slowly back to instincts,

yet separate nonetheless.

All intricately confusing,

commotion movement dancing,

to and fro necessity

exaggerated from simplicity.

System construct parameters,

expanding wire walls

to prevent undesirable escape.

Digital polydecimal verification.

Statistic sophistication resizes,

derivatives eating away the foundation.

Manipulation rampantly engaged,

equally ignored.

Acceptance of the next

is where we find ourselves.

The final,

fully perfect in every way and past imagination

travels faster than the past

from the central point.

Preparedness lacking,

answers fading,

the wrong questions raised,

the right ones ignored and trivialized.

Point of view determination

perception circumvention

facts erased replaced with biased minds

but all will come to rest before

the devastating truth

that everything was meant to be

the way it happened

that was outside of control.

The final will never end,

nothing subsequent will continue

any subsequent cycle.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You know what I mean, you silly guys.

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