Assess Colour Convolution

Be Not Careless

Did we appreciate at all?
Black Indicates Life
Rid black shadow
Is rid stay alive?
Black is beautiful
Denotes very life!

Okay from darkness to light
White is bright
Awareness nimbus
Man prides.

To know more
People hunger, thirst, seek
Provide to our wants
Man upgrades.

Understand diversities
We are clever and smart
Scheme and programme
Robotic benefits

Now to revert to colour
Our intellectual existence
As if white brandish skills
Black inferiority bags

A world without sunshine
An earth without life
A world without darkness
An earth insomniac

All attempts to prove
White skin signify quality
Born Superior Race
Incur sleeplessness

Globe suffer under vanity
Both, black and white
One another, mistrust
Sanity ripped apart

Ought to realize facts
Animate, inanimate
Shadow always stalks
Relieve earth from stalkers
Compel darkness to plight
Let the white rid
Own dark silhouette
Call for no breath and reach demise
Black in all being stays integrated
Core, even whites, for those who hate black!
We all live as long as we hold black.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Black or White, inanimate or animate all being is rich with one possession that is the shadow!

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