Mr Seen & Surgery

You, We Me

Mr Seen & My Man

Theoretically a friend, of my husband

Invited us to his den in Bayern

Mr Seen too visited us in Berlin.

He was a voluntary retired person

Of same Multi National Co

Where my man kept himself busy

Till he too had to stop work

As when the factory closed down

Thus, be superannuated.

Now what’s so great about?

Two friends pensioned off.

Nothing much to know about but

Both suffered severe arthritis

Mr Seen underwent major

Knee operation with a great deal

Of hope to improve his stand

Pace in addition

But the surgeon

Used the scalpel

On the wrong knee, joint

Now what is so great about that?

Are not Surgeons in Berlin human?

To err is human forgiving divine, so said.

Mr Seen thought in his head of the surgeons act

Precaution is better than cure, so this was in fact

Preventative measure taken that knee was mistaken.

He advised my man the great friend of his to take action

Purely prevention is better than cure, holding in mind

Suggested undertake avoidance get his knee operation done.

He was wise thought my man, but ahem, avoided his plan!

Not want to walk like his friend Mr Seen, swaying left right.

Now think, what was so great about that?

As if by no surgery, his gait would not last.

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