My Saga Sensuous - see me!

"Do I look for those millionaires like a Machiavellian girl would when I could wear the sunset?" Kate Bush - song lyric "The Sensual World"

The Swordswoman - Oil on Canvas by B Jean 1849 – 1935. “I am guilty of being repeatedly born; my marker sings I am the sensual sword woman.” Ether

My eyes will “… Wear the sunset …” pick up the evanescent; I matchlessly rich, what can the silly anxious millionaire fetch? Ether

Joan of Arc by Paul Delaroche /

“… I question your innocence! … What say you, good people? "Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!"  Kate Bush - song lyric

Falter of Woman and Daughter - Source: Dietegen Guggenbühl: Hexen (Witch)

"… Waking The Witch - Wake up...You must wake up! - "Don't you know you've kept him waiting?" "Look who's here to see you!" - Help this blackbird! - She's a witch! - There's a stone around my leg.  - Help this blackbird...  - "Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!"…” Kate Bush - Extracts of Song lyric.

Here me say

Now, Woman I am

Once again, it is my turn to hum

To all matters, woman letters, irrationally -

No, not necessary to agree

No pity crucial - from self proclaimed mighty

‘Ably she will help the world Stomach the truth!

Sensuous touch, move, spin her sword, she will - in a fit of the felt tip.

A love for the Arts by Delacorr

Sing her song with swish of sword, string accord between love and reason.

Leave, link imprints with her ink of love.

I am guilty of being repeatedly born; my marker sings I am the sensual woman holding the sword.’ Ether

My very singing thoughts – hope to provide joy!

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