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Morning shows the day madam:-

Discrimination written large on mind, is it any leadership quality to avoid? Apartheid attitude from a so-called person in charge is it not a racist speaking? Face facts and pink is not only the purse but also a healthy mind that reflect a no ganging up against people with different attitude.

In good sense, please arrange a proper professional mouthpiece to avoid exposing a spiteful or a vacuous nature. If it is, not deliberate errors, kindly polish understanding before giving speeches. This is in all good faith with all good wishes …

In addition, film stars are tax-paying, laurel earning, raising family, very normal people like any other with a further advantage of sheen and shine popularity. Leadership is not a full time occupation of plotting and scheming to use people for personal advantages at election campaigns only.

It is an organised mentality to devote the self for the people that they may find the atmosphere to develop themselves by themselves. People need no lift by cash flushed swollen heads. People need sincerity of the elected. Democracy is for the people by the people and the leaders dare take a self-proclaimed seat on pedestal to have the audacity of talking to the rest from a higher status.

Lift the self and please concentrate on work taking care of the State of affairs.


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''I always avoid film stars. As you saw we didn't use any film stars for any election campaign. We will not do anything that may be perceived as political vendetta. But if people wish that all the misdeeds of the previous government should be investigated, it will be done fairly. If anyone is found guilty, they will face punishment. If not, then nothing unfair will be done."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Film stars are 100 percent better than dubious political gangsters who distrubute posts not free of costs but @ the rate of heavy showers ... may we name the same political dowry?

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