Fashion Topography Tradition

Tract comfortable trace ease

Ethnic Indian saris, tops, dhotis

Absorbs weather beats.

Flaunt peace.

Folk’s deep-rooted sense of snug fit.

Why to give off traditional delights?

Come what may in food, goods, wear, habits.

Contemporary trendy lungful air tradition offers!

In Korea, Japan… or deep in Chinese villages;

Search for Princess Juju, native outfits, disappoints.

Consider the rest of the world east, west, Latino, or US

Has its original swathe replaced. Clothing concerns.

Forget tradition, in fits,

Prevent take home good motifs.

European outfit suit temperate climate

Denizen looks smart in trouser shirt jacket.

Contrarily, three pieces appear hostile to the tropical heat.

Basic integral inevitable are changes of this transient earth

However, backcloth transforms, element remains; tradition.

Describe insignia fashion. Live to love, love to live passion.

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