Broaden Narrow Mind

Be Not Careless

Endless gossip without right

Rub wrong sides. Integrity

Is mere single plight?

Easy to point fingers

Takes two hands to clap

Why squeeze bitter; lemon?

Integrity is not a question for

Any well to do mind. Be he

A Muslim, Jew, Rastafarian, Hindu...

Or a fundamental Christian.

With mutual respect

“Such elite live life human”

Beating around the bush

Without substance

Increase silly arguments.

Bikini makes a woman

No sex object

However, a simple ear mop

Kerchief to ward off mischief does.

Foggy is concept!

Democracy is an automatic integration. That

Let for the people by the people come into agreement.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Anxiety causes clash...
Pawning woman as an issue for controversy is criminal indulgence.
Exploitation of woman continues in both conservative as well as permissive societies. Thus narrow minds need to broaden.

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