Endless Medley


Clock gives time

Verses rhyme.

Measure scales.

Human de-sign.

Society contours.

Who so ever judges?

Make sentences.

Find more clauses.

Kings and queens-

Happy life lives

Rags to riches-

Who gives?

Open secrets

Effort hides.

Prehensile tentacles

Greedy bunch snatches.

Flexible majorities

Elasticity settles.

Watchdog travels.

Rub sides result flames.

Fast buck, shortcut success is.

Sick minds produce casualties.

Escape water cuckoo chimes.

Through Ganges, love voyages.

Flow purity watery images

Timekeeper fulltime engages.

Time office punches sheets.

Endless Events, Endless Achieves.

Archive Medleys. Know No Ends.

Clepsydra, Clock, Chronometer, Watches.

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