Mr and Mrs Gossip

Je Na Sais Quoi

Pirate forefathers left behind

Plenty of cash to splash squander time

Fortunate Mr and Mrs Gossip

Nothing to do but chitchat lay waste

Damage the reputation of pioneers


Industrious, serious, conscientious

Of those very who sincerely labour able.

Family and friends nurture with smile.

Know priorities not stop to look behind.

Move ahead innovative strides.

Irrelevant the wag of evil tongues


Cannot be buried alive with slush

Grime, slander, and calculated rumour-

One has every right to live, connect

In one’s integrated capacity and style.

Make the best use of prime.


May appear otherwise-


Using acquaintances cannot emerge illegal.

Allegations that attack Basic Rights of a Human are unlawful.

Pointers know - responsibility of intellect is righteousness.

Annoy the good is digging own grave. Pin envious Mr, Mrs Gossip.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Obviously, I am speaking about someone who has quality, gets
hounded by the gawky gossip gangsters,
lead by envious Mr and Mrs Gossip --

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