the period ends the poem, but not the story behind it; that continues on

Make her feel beautiful even if she's wearing baggy clothes

And speaking in intervals of I don't know 's

I should've told her that she'd be the victim

Isn't that what all of us are at least one day a year?

Just because I'm an alternate memory now

doesn't mean that you can use me as your oasis of escape

I'm the maid doing housework even though you asked me to give you money

Bring it in so the pot overflows, but you'll still tell me it's not enough

My best isn't good enough

I have to go further than my limits just to satisfy your thirsty quench

I'm dehydrated, but that's okay

You've got what you need

And maybe I'm amazed at the way you fuck me over all the time

Or maybe I'm amazed at the amount of blurred vision happening in the place where eyes are needed but too abundant

If I tell you goodbye, how will you really feel?

Will you remember my crooked face when I'm gone?

Or will my prescence evaporate as quick as I came?

Will I leave no lasting memory?

Will you wonder about the sweat and blood drenching what you claim in documents as your children?

Next time get a nanny if you can't care for what you've assumed is yours

But I am the nanny

And you don't care for me either.