written in parts because i cannot at this time be whole

Last night I wanted to lay down in the middle of the street

Not to die, but to take a picture

Because this road is going straight just like mine

And I haven't seen any other pathways lately

Come lay down with me

I'll heal your broken glass brain

It won't look perfect, but it will to me

Because my full moon eyes are down on earth tonight

Up in the sky is too much unknown

You're not ready for answers yet

Not when the road keeps going on

Go and find that curve or bend

The road that has yet to be taken

I'll catch up when you're ready for me again


Part 2

Last night I dreamed of you

I don't know where you are, but in my mind you're a shard of glass that can't be removed

And the only pain caused

I inflict on myself

because I keep my heart open and wait for the moment when I can wrap you in my veins

Press your wrist gently hard

Putting in the harmonious pulsating lifeline

You told me in this dream

That you shouldn't have responded the way you did

But that to reboot you need me to stay calm

So in the confines of my far from private oasis

My veins wait for your return

But confined are my emotions

Though I must keep them in

No one will know, I promise.


Part 3

I saw the headlights at the end

The two of us on the path together

Then a single star in that sky of unknowns

All it gave me was assumptions that slowly eat away at my inner flesh and rationality

Where are you now?