Pandora didn't see it coming, but I did

You're the biggest contradiction I ever laid my full moon eyes on

And sometimes, for just a moment, I want to slap you, but be removed from the moment upon impact

So I can avoid the after effects of your brutal glare

Subconscious judgment that is always consciously present

In my eyes you don't fail

You can't fail because you don't try

You have the answers in Pandora's box, waiting for you when you need them.

I'm not saying you'll release the face of evil upon the world

But I do believe you have the capacity to cause an abundance of sinful glee

Painful joy

Blissful heartbreak

And though sometimes the sun rises and I am content with you

I know that by midnight you'll have opened the box without my knowledge

As if you assumed that I didn't expect it

As if I were naive

As if I were Zeus, not willing to punish you

Stay in your room because it's not that I can't handle your intentions

I just don't have time.