Eternal Flame

Like a candle flickering in the wind
My heart is racing
This is how it always begins

Constant movement
Never slowing
I see my face
Like sunlight glowing

There he is
Waiting, yearning
Be still my heart
Quickly churning

The eyes that lock
As the ticking of the clock stops
We drop off the hemisphere
Closer and closer we fall to our atmosphere

Our atmosphere
Yes, it’s always been true
As long as we live
There will be a place for me and you

When conflict arises
We can go there
We must go quickly
There is not a moment to spare

Our arrival has now past
We are alone at last
The gentle waves sooth our souls
The endless food rests in the bowls

I do, however, have one request
I know you’ll agree
That we reach our best
When both of us slowly begin to undress
It is not like the world where we were before
Here we are free to lay on the sandy shores
We finally made it, babe
Just you and I
Under the canopy of the moonlit sky
Forever ageless we will remain
Forever we’ll have this eternal flame.