When You're Not Here

When you’re not here
When you’re so far
My heart it scrapes
On the cement floor
The heater turns off
The pumping ceases
There’s no longer shape to my heart, just creases
Is this what it’s like to slowly die
When I can’t even see my life with my eyes?
Redundancy of actions
Constant motion
Wake up regretfully
Get dressed carelessly
3 buses later you’re questioning your sanity
So, this is what they told me my future would be
Actually, they lied
This is what’s happening
You get bitch slapped by reality
You find your mindset turning morbidly
Your body forms shapes and curves and envelopes
That should be on paper, not you
If I could snip it all away
What would be left of me?
I’m not one dimensional
But when I’m told what I can and cannot do
I feel as if it’s intentional
Making me feel as if my choices were bad
Making me feel like I should regret what I said when I was mad
Or making me feel like I was wrong for doing something that made me glad
I could sit here and tell you
That these rhymes and lines and literary devices are basic
Could you just imagine what I’d say if I were wasted
When you’re not here
When you’re so far
This is the residue
From my heart scraping
On the cement floor.