Lost love~~

How did we end up like this?... we loved eachother... or was it all a miss?

still remembering our last kiss... still wondering how we ended up like this...

Do you ever think about me when you are with her?.. or do you forget that we were ever together...

I think about us now and then.. Memories that fly in and out time and time again..

I tried to look at the positives about this but after all this thinking all I can think about is how 

much I miss you.. I miss everything about how we were.. The things about you... You

 would always make me happy when I would be blue.. now that you're gone I still can't 

believe  it's true..  Sadly I have to move on from you.. How else am I going to get over you?..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Venting :3

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