When You Whisper

Just my Heart

When You Whisper

I long to live a life of love

When you whisper to me from above

My heart melts for you alone

The pain Lord, just won't let go.

When you whisper I long to hear

Your words alone, I long to know

I long to grow.

My heart is full of sorrow and pain

Nobody knows, Lord, Nobody knows

When you whisper, my heart wants to hear

The way to live, the way to give.

It hurts inside, I don't know how to hide

But when you whisper I stand in awe

The pain fades, your arms give me shelter

My heart longs to make you smile

O my Lord please don't leave

When you whisper it gives me peace

To let you only give me release

From all the shadows that make me ache

Your voice whispers my heart is at peace.

Written By://Betty Bolden

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