Why won't he LOVE me Lord?

Crying out

Why won't he LOVE me Lord?

Why can't he see?

The pain inside just won't subside

what's the sound inside my head?

I cry out and nothings said.

Why won't he love me Lord?

How can I go on?

It's all a game down here

what's the score, our lives are so poor.

Why isn't his love so pure

what happened over time

Why won't he love me Lord

is it in his heart

or are we far apart?

I look at my life over time

just seeing things that came untwined

I know your there Lord

you say you will always be

But answer this one thing

why don't he love me Lord?

Why can't he see

the pain inside is just growing

things are coming to a hault

the love inside me just wants to flow

I know I DON'T want to let go

Just tell him to love me Lord


Written by©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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