Do You Ever Think About?

Question poems

Do you ever think about His touch?

How wonderful He is and how He loves us so much.

His touch keeps us standing up to bring Him Glory

because He is worthy of our Love and  His ways won't lead us wrong.

Do you ever think about His words?

His words won't lead us astray, they will keep us in His light

He will lead us to all that is right.

Let's think about a spring day,

a butterfly swoops by to say Hi,

sometimes I like to think about the messenger butterfly

God sends His whisper to us on the wings of a butterfly.

Do you ever think about the running rivers?

The sounds of the water, who else can design such a blessing for our ears.

Only our  God in heaven makes such special sounds.

So when your just sitting around

think about the whisper of a butterfly

the sound of a river

the touch of our God..

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!

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