Darkness Surrounds

Crying out

The shadows take place inside of my disgrace

you left me standing in this one dark place

its shallow, its cold its full of dark spots

take me out of this not so good space

help me see your beautiful face.

I have fallen to my knee's so many times

why have you left me so far behind

I know I have sinned, but confessed to you my pain,

I told you how I messed up again and again

you seem so far, the shadows keep coming in

take my hand lead me within,

No matter how much I cry and fall

you seem so far and so small,

Others feel you, they see you and rejoice

whats the problem within me still

all I want is to see your hand

to be like you and go to other lands,

Why not speak inside my heart

help me see your not that far

help me know you have taken my hand

to lead me out of this dark, dark land.

Written By://©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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