Clear blue sky's


As the sun peeks through the clear blue sky's

I think of you and all your design's

The day will start no matter the size

of the pain inside my heart

I slowly arise awaiting your touch

I know I love you so very much

Clear blue sky's seem so far for me

as I wait day to day to feel the sun shine so bright

Inside my heart is where I need it to begin

so your love can flow so deep within

The birds seem so happy outside

they feel your touch in the clear blue sky's

I stand and see the rays so strong

I wonder what in my life went so wrong

I pray for you to pour out your love

in the silence of the clear blue sky's

I see the brightness in your loving eyes

as the sun peaks out of the clear blue sky's.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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