As I walked along the path became more rough,

And very soon appeared hills and mountains so high and tough

I could see no way forward.

"Lord," I said, "I can't see my way

for this is so hard for me, and I am all alone."

"My child, my dear child," came back the Lord's reply,

"Go to the foot of the first mountain," I did so.

"Now look up to it's height, and scan it's breadth," I did so.

And it looked even more daunting.

"Now," said the Lord, "hold up your hands as if to touch the top," I did so.

And as I did I felt hands clasp mine in a tight but tender embrace.

"As you climb," came the Lord's voice, "I will pull gently to help you and stop you falling,"

Then the Lord said, "Now lower your hands and stretch them out sideways,"

"Lord," I said, "then you would let go of my hands,"

"Do it," said the Lord.  I did so.

And as amazing as it seemed, He still had hold of me!

And I was aware of other hands clasping mine, hands of a friend.

"I have provided friends to stand with you and climb with you," said the Lord.

"They will be with you, as will I, all the time and all the way up, never doubt that."

And so it will be.

With the Lord to help me up the mountains, dear friends to stand with me,

I know all will be well.

Thank you, Lord.

Written By:© Alfred for Betty with love and hugs

All poems are copyright!©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My friend Alfred wrote this and it touched my heart, he is special in my life and he prays for me and he is there when I need uplifting and a shoulder, he lifts me to the Lord daily.

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