When the darkness speaks

Crying out

When the darkness speaks in time of trial

I feel like I'm fading and there is no tomorrow.

When the darkness speaks I travel alone,

so far deep down in a tunnel running away

from darkness, sorrow drips from my heart,

to hear me crying out is like a echo that leads

to a fountain of deep despair,

When the darkness speaks the sun goes low

like a black hole so far down that I can't find my

way out.

When the darkness speaks life seems long

so long and so wide that my freedom seems

to be taken in a flash, so my heart weeps for you

Lord,to set me free from the pain inside,

To keep your light bright so I can see

you holding your hand out to pull me from

the darkness deep inside.

Written  by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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