In Memory Of!


It seems so long ago

that we ran in the fields as

friends and cousins down at your house

that we came for summer fellowship.

We were young and not yet in this hard world

as our parents were trying to provide

we were busy just flying in the breeze while we played

down by the river side.

I remember the barn and the rope

we swung from while we laughed and fell

down to the hay bales.

As we swung we laughed and yelled

we were so glad to be kids

underneath the stars we layed and dreamed

of being adults and find the right guy.

It still stays in my mind

your laughter and your smile

Its been along while

since we saw each other

I'm so sorry its come to this

not seeing you while you were living

as time went on we drifted apart

We made our lives in seperate parts of the world

Now your home,the place Jesus made for us in heaven

One day I will see you there my dear friend

My dear Teresa, I will remember the times

when we played in the barn

we shared so much

I love you and keep you in my heart.

Dedicated to Teresa Hogston Emery

My cousin


Written by:©Betty Bolden

All poems are copyright!©

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