I was thinking of you, Lord


I  was thinking of you just today,

Oh,how beautiful you are in your own way,

I think of the words in the Bible alot,

how you moved mountains and never lost control,

I was thinking of you Lord,just today

your ways and the love that comes my way,

today Lord,you used me so much

how wonderful it is to touch others with your love,

I was reading a book and thought of the blessing,

that you gave in a story and warmed my heart.

I was thinking of you Lord,and I got a  call,

someone needed you,and I let your love fall,

Your love fell from me to the soul on the phone,

tears were shed but you took control,

Oh,how I love those things that you make happen,

use me again,and let your light shine,

I was thinking of you Lord,and in you I abide.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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