Your creation in Me!

Crying out

I sit here today

thinking of You

hearing Your sounds in

all Your creation

Sometimes Lord,I feel so alone

others might think its strange for me to say

its dark sometimes  as I try to find my way

I feel like a outcast in all that I do

I feel far away even when I'm surrounded by people of You

I think their tired Lord

of hearing my sorrow

one day maybe I'll see a brand new tomorrow

This day I pray,I feel You in,

Your creation You made, deep within!

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright©!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this while sitting at church,at the picnic table,while the choir was practicing...I hear the Lord alot of times just in birds singing,calling out to me,while they fly above the tree's and such..His creation I desire,I love Him so much.

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