When I look up !


When I just let my imagination go and look up in the sky so high

I see images shaped in things of life

I see mice,and clowns and other things so free

I see the Lords work in all His ways and it makes me want to stay

looking up at the sky so  blue

I wonder how He makes things new

His touch in the clouds so fluffy and white

so clear to see the shapes so wild

free to look up so high

I see His love in the  blue and the white

how wonderful He is to give us this love

He is the only one who can send this from above...

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are  copyright!©

When I just let go,I look up at the  clouds and just look past the thoughts

I  can see shapes,I saw a  duck once,I saw a snake,a volcana and lots  more

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