Crying out


Sometimes it's so hard Lord

Sometimes it's so long Lord

Seeing and feeling the pain

There's never no relief

Where is the Joy inside our hearts

We pray all day, please don't depart.

The fear stands but it won't win

My heart aches, it even breaks

Sometimes Lord, Its so hard.

There is a better place

Where Jesus waits for us

There will come aday

He'll wipe away our tears

All the pain we carried for years

Will be gone, we'll be free

How long Lord, how long

it's so hard here,

Oh how I LONG for your touch

make me strong Lord,

there will be aday when you hold me close

so close I can feel your breath on me

and you'll wipe my tears away

so far but so close..

Oh every knee will bow

sin will have no trace

in the glory of His amazing grace

there will come aday,

how long Lord, how Long.

Written By:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!

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