Whispering shadows

Whispering shadows speak in the night

whispering voices  call from far away

tiny bells sing inside the pines so green

while mocking birds sing the songs of the tree's.

Whispering songs they sing to the sky

calling their friends as they fly right by

echoing loud are voices in the night

saying the things that don't make life right.

Hearing the river flow inside my heart

hearing the whispering calling my name

wondering why things can't  be ok,

calling me,whispering in the night so dark

seems life is far and seems my heart is in dismay

way in the sky I  see the lights of the  sky

watching the birds fly by in the wind

keeping my eyes on the wings of the flight

hoping you will take me right out of this night.

Written by©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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