Rocky Roads

Taking a  walk down a hard long rocky road,

seeing all the things in past storms.

Watching the winds take tree's from

side to side,bending and stripping

and also doing the ripping.

As I walked,the rocky road, I saw

the wind blowing the sand and

stirring it up,making wind swirls

out of the dirt.

Then something brought

to my mind the hurt

inside my heart,

the past storms,

I remembered

how You pulled me close

while traveling down

this rocky  road,

I see me walking out

with You in front,

the rocky road got so  bright,

so sunny and I fell Praising,

I fell raising my hands,

to You Lord I stand,

because Your the only one

who is in full command.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!

Do not use without permission©

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