Traveling through

As I  walk through the desert of life,

traveling  gets rough and  causes the pain inside,

I feel like a seed,planted in dry land,

no water to  quench the thirst.

Then as I go on,I see a Hand inside my heart,

saying to me we will never part,

remember the times the Joy kept you filled,

this desert seems long I know this still,

I stood in your shoes and I  know the pain,

reach up and take my Hand and your work

will never be in vein,

I'm here,you know I am,

I'm carrying you now,see my Hand.

Put your trust in me now,

I'll help you down the path of pain,

take my Hand and fill your heart,

with my words and more,

Child,I'll never depart.

Written  by:©Betty Bolden


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