Some write,why?

Question poems

Some write to let feelings flow,

Some write to let anger go,

others write so people will know,

the Love or hate they hold onto.

I write to show the Love of the Lord,

I write to show my feelings inside,

I write to try to define my thoughts,

I put it on paper to free my mind,

I put it on paper for the Lord deep inside,

I put it down for others to see,

the real me, inside as time goes by,

The work He has done inside me deep,

the work inside He still makes complete,

others might think its not at all true,

the Love He shows inside me and you,

but one day they will see His Glory coming high,

right from the sky,and then they will say,

the one's that are His told us daily in their lives,

but then it will be to late,

as we leave with Him in the sky.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are ©copyright!

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