Your touch today!

I need Your touch today Lord,

I feel very torn,

I think of You often,

wanting to please,

but I'm not at ease,

I have a heavy load today,

wanting to do things Your way,

I feel warn and just tired,

wanting to hear Your voice within,

I hear doubt and cry and wonder why,

why do I feel this way today?

Lord,take my hand and lead me Your way,

please stay and keep my mind free,

help me to see Your eyes within,

Hold me close to thy self,

take control of my life,

help to throw out this strife.

Reveal Your heart to me,

so I can know I am free,

I  love You Lord,

with all my heart,

Help me know we'll never depart.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are ©copyright!

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