The Path I'm On!

I see the path I'm on right now

As I go and look around!

The darkness fades in and out

the trouble just turns about

the shadows follow and never leave

I feel lifes strange disease.

Once it ends I'll see the view

the one of me and you.

Its hard at times to go down the road

the shadows never seem to let me go.

As I walk this road of life

I can't seem to lose the strife.

I'll make my stand in some time

so Lord please lead me on and help me know

Your Love in me still seems to show!

I sometimes feel my friends have left me alone

so I wrote this to ease my mind,thank you

Lord for helping me to realize your here no

matter what man says your here and thats

all that matters.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are ©Copyright

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