Something New!

I was walking through one dark and cloudy day,

Then,one Angel came my way.

She said,your heart is troubled,its ok.

Take my hand and listen well,

Jesus is in Your Heart and forsure He will never part,

so keep these words inside your soul,

remember Him and He will take control.

Rejoice,Rejoice Oh daughter of His,He's the one

who took your sin.

Sleep now and dream of Him

His unchanging Love forever within.


I don't understand these things I go through

I don't understand the feelings I GET.

I don't understand why You love me so.

I want to please you and never let you go.

I pray to seek Your face

I read Your word to feel Your embrace.

But I don't understand the way I am,

The failure I am,the things I DO.

I don't understand,will You make me new?

Will this doubt and lack of faith,be punished or will I BE EMBRACED?

I don't understand,the way I AM.

Written by:©Betty Bolden



Leaves falling down from High Trees,

Touching the ground in the autumn breeze.

Colors changing from green to red,

Lovely songs dancing in my head.

Squirrels chasing acorns that Land,

hiding out in chilly nights,

scampering around in pure delight.

Hummingbirds flying back out of sight,

to other states where its warm at night.

Now its time to light the fire,

in our hearts is a desire.

For warmth and Love and a touch from above,

helps us to know,soon it will snow, but on that one special day,

Christ will take control.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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