When you whisper


When you whisper to me

In my heart I see

The love you hold so deep within

Keeps me standing so strong and true

The true meaning of Love is deep within you.

I long to hear your voice each day

To get me through these battles I face

I know your there so deep within

The trials they try to bind

Each time I try to hide

But then you whisper deep in my heart

You let me know you won't depart.

So Lord, when I hear your whisper

Keep me close so I don't stray,

I'm tired of running to no dismay,

Hold me close so I can tell

Your love in me so deep within

Helps me always to call your name

Jesus my Lord, my SAVIOR my King

Help me grow, whisper to me.

Love BettyB.

Written by BettyBolden

Jesus Is My Joy Ministries



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