~Help me take my Stand~

I need You all day Lord

Help me keep the evil one away

Protect my mind and my thoughts inside

Help me stand firm within.

Sometimes I feel the darkness deep

Help me to seek Your face and not weep

Hold me close and help me know

That You will never let me go.

I sometimes wander off the road

but You will never let Your sheep go.

My shepard,My King and my Lord

You are the Lover of my soul.

Thank you for Loving me forever more

Help me to know which way to go.

Save me from the ways of the world

Teach me Your ways inside my soul

Help me to live and never let You go.

Written By:©Betty Bolden


These poems are copyright

Do not use without permission

Ones' who use without permission

will be delt with fully by the law!

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