One day

I have a story to tell

My life goes round and round

Time goes on where nothing

can be found.

I have a burning inside

to spread my wings and fly

will I take flight one day

and just leave it all behind.

It would be grand to see God's world

He is the creator that set the fire inside

My Love for Him is growing very deep and wide.

Time is going by so fast

I want to see some things in life

something more besides the strife

I want to take anothers hand

and help them walk the shore's deep land.

I've lived in one spot for years on end

I want to fly and be safe within.

My life is at a stand still it seems

One day I plan to break free.

I will fly away for all to know

My Lord has a mission for me

and I will never let it go.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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