Looking Back

I can look back and see my life

Its like a story book with tales of strife

The mistakes were made and now in the past

But memories haunt and can hurt so bad.

Sometimes I think what it would be like

To not remember the book so well

to think of good things will do me well.

Jesus says He forgives and forgets

the things of the past He tossed in the sea

no longer to haunt or bother thee.

Its me I know who won't let go

but how can this be inside of me.

I know Jesus is here helping me walk

sometimes I'm scared and decide not to talk.

Then He helped me to know

the past I need to let go

leave it where it is He says

I will lead you on instead

take my Hand and we will run

to win the prize is Heaven bound

my hand in yours is where you'll be found

letting me lead is in your heart

we are one and we'll never part.

Take is slow and remember I won't let go

I'll call you home when your mission is done

and together we'll walk the streets of gold

I love you forever

in any kind of weather

so let go now and leave it with me

remember that I tossed it all in the Sea.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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