She Thinks

Crying out

She was always more or less a loner I guess

She tries to Love others

but they hurt her so.

She knows her Lord in Heaven won't let her go

She tries to please Him

but alot of times her motives seem wrong.

She carries around the pain she feels

Nothing can remove this

she needs to let it go.

She knows God Loves her

she's tired of falling

One day it will be right

upon His calling.

She tries to tell others

God says we need others to love

When she does they seem not interested

she don't know what she wants.

only Love stands out in all this stuff.

Is it wrong for her to feel like this?

Should she let it go and just live?

Why these feelings so deep within?

Will God remove them one day?

Or will they stay.

She thinks it depends on all her ways

If she can only touch His face

Reach out to Him in full embrace

She thinks He will change things in every kind of way.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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