Loving Hands

To feel you Lord is what we want

For you to reach your hand down

and pick us up

the power we need from your grace

and power,its like the showers

in the spring,

growing the flowers and killing the weeds.

The love you give,will never be forgotten

Its our aweful sin that seems very rotten

We have this burning inside us

To know your will,to be still and stand in awe

We Love you LORD,You we just adore.

Take our hands and guide us through

This Land full of sin,help us to win

The Glory is yours our King and Savior

Lord of all,You will never waver.

Help us endure the tears and pain

Help us to pray,and do not let evil

lead us astray.

We are yours,our Lives and our souls

Your Love You bestow,let your awesome

power take control.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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