Lord,If I


Lord,If I can only Love,the way you love others

If I can only Love the unloveable the way you want me to,I think I would feel more like you.

Lord,If I can only trust myself and trust You more,

I can only imagine what you will have in store.

Lord,if I can only please my husbands heart

I think maybe we would never grow apart.

Lord,If can only look to You,and see You in my mind,

more than other things I FIND

Lord,to know You more is my dream

to feel you and let others not get in between

To know the Joy of your forgiveness,to see

the Love in others pour out,

to Love the way you love without no doubt.

Lord,if I can only see your face,as I SLEEP

Maybe my pain wouldn't be so deep.

Lord,they all think its a game,

they all see me the same,

why can't they see my sorrow?

am I to blame for all these tomorrows?

Lord,if tomorrow never comes,

place in their hearts all this Love,

take me home no more to rome,

Love me now for I am going home,

never more to be alone.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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