Teach me!

Teach me to see your hand in my life,teach me to know your ways in my heart.

show me your love as time goes on,don't let go because I feel fear inside.

I long to be in your arms alot,all of whats in me I dread at times.

I long for more of you,I long to touch you,to see you and to feel you.

The burning is inside my soul,the woe's come and go,whats the fire for?

I know your love is real,I can feel the soft voice inside but its not coming

out to take me into you like I want to be.

What is the hurt for inside me,does it have to stay,can't it just go away.

I got on my knee's several times,I addmitted my sin,I felt the pain and the shame,

I felt your love one day inside,

I pray your not gone,

I do love you so,please,please don't

ever let me go.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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