Have you ever wondered?

Question poems

Have you ever wondered about the colors in the sky?

Have you ever thought, we have a maker way up High?

Have you ever wondered how wonderful He is?

The way He creates,makes us want to Glorify His Name.

Have you ever thought,how great His ways are?

His ways are so great,I just feel I can't wait,

each morning to start anew,for Him to fill me with the

things He has instore,to hear His voice,to feel His touch,

keeps me longing for Him so much.

Have you ever said,Lord make me whole and keep me inline?

Well,He will...just ask and His ways will fill you with His Love so bright,with all His might, His Love is forever,to keep us

safe and draw us near.

So,don't fear,He loves You,and I and He will keep us intwined.

Written By:©Betty Bolden


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