Praise and Thanksgiving

Holiday Poems


I Praise the Lord for His Mercy and Love

Oh,all you who belong to Him,Praise  Him

forever and know His mercy endures forever.

Thank the Lord for loving us so,

keep singing Praises to His name,

for He is worthy of all Praises.

God is good,and always fair.

Our Lord is loving and does care.

Call unto Him,he will reply,

and forgives all who ask and make offerings

to the sky.

My offering is myself,I give me to Him,

because He saved me from being condemed.

Praise His name,all who know,

tell Him He's worthy,and then

He'll know.

Its all for His Glory,because He

loves us so,for He is the King and

now let your love show.  

Written by:©Betty Bolden

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