The Inner Part of me

The Inner Part of me is Yours,to help me grow,

to show you how your love sustains me.

The Inner beauty thats inside my soul,comes

from the love that You have shown.

How precious these thoughts,when I think

of Your touch,that has melted my heart,

to know you more is my desire.Oh,How I

Long for You to take me Higher.

The Inner part of me is set on fire,for the Lost

in the world to set them free,the only thing they

need is You,to let them know is giving them Love,

from Your Heart that swells so much for all,You

never want to see anyone fall.

I keep You in the Inner part of me,until Your words

escape to save,for Your Blood set me free,thats

the Inner part of me.

Written By:©Betty Bolden

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