Start your day

Start your day,doing things Gods way,

Do not dismay,just stay in His will,

and do not be sliding down hill,because He

will catch you and never let you fall at all.

Start your day with Him,you will always win,

He will keep you safe and sound,and never leave

you bound,

His love is safe and secure,with His

wonderful words of love and His embrace will never

leave you to chase,the long roads of life alone

He will hold on and keep you above the world so you

can adore the pleasure He gives,for all to see

you shining in His Love that keeps raining down from above.

How precious He is

to save us from death

He really loves

His flock and from now on

start your day in His arms

and His Love will show

we will never be alone.

Written By:©Betty Bolden

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