Game of Life


I call you Jesus,My best friend,My brother

You hold my hand like no other

When I'm in the field,Your helping me bat

When times get tough,You say let go of that stuff

Give it to me,let me take it on

Swing the bat of life my child

With me home runs come alot

But you need to hold on,let me swing the bat

Take time to hear me,never turn away

I'm leading you forward,take my Hand

Together we will take this stand

I will never leave you,we will make homeruns

Everyday is a challenge,when you hold onto me

the field is never empty.

When you let me swing the bat

you can do the running

take my hand and I will lead

homeword bound is our goal

Remember when I left for awhile

I was preparing a place for you there

run home to me when I call you loud

but keep me in the lead my child

I will pull the weeds.

Home is our goal until then

keep me up to bat and we'll win.

I love you now

and I LOVED you then

one day the bat will be layed down

and you and I will be homeword bound.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


I dedicate this poem to Heidi

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