My mom's old records

My mom’s old records, she has them in her room, they’re dusty and kind of forgotten but she loves them more than all. They’ve been sitting there for a while, remembering the good old days, kind of hoping to be used one last time. Some days I wonder if she used them to wake up and some nights I think that she danced to every single note. But they’re not dead, that I can assure, they lived more than most since 1974. She has these stories, stories that make you listen twice, give you goosebumps and laughs and ask to repeat them one more time. They’re all about those years when she had a record player by her side, she stood up against her fears and listened to them all the time. To every single one of them she has a story, might be good, might be bad, but it’s always told with joy. She never hesitates to let everyone know even the least detail that’s hidden in that drawn. I see it in her eyes, she wants to play them one more time, but it wouldn’t be right to put that many memories aside. Or at least that’s what she thinks, I can see it in her eyes, she misses them so much but she’s so scared to come around. All the time I wonder what will that feel like, to have so many moments recorded on one track. But I guess that we will see on this journey that’s called life, a little then, a little now and you’ll have a written path. Every time I see those records they remind me of this moment, how life passes by with no guarantee or refundment. I hope someday she’ll get what she’s trying to forget, every second will not take the story already made. There’s so much to live, there’s so much to know, and how you spend your time, is your choice don’t let it go. That’s what these records tell me or at least that’s what I think, their lyrics are so vivid and that’s how you should live.Time is passing by, and that we can’t deny, so what record will you have to remind you of your life. That’s what I keep asking myself and until now I didn’t get it, yesterday will be there as long as I prefer it. Mom’s records are the songs and chants of the days she’ll not get back, but she’ll never forget the beauty of a lived life.

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