Stars Above My Bed


The night air is cold and sharp
piercing at my numb face
as I walk the sleeping streets
keeping a strong steady pace
I try to untangle my thoughts
hoping that I'll somehow find
a flawless resolution
a solution of any kind
to the troubles that we're faced
problems that are left broken
problems that are nutured
by words we've left unspoken
and that is converted to confusion
Our confusion is our decay
and it's our equal silence
that slowly pulls us astray
but that is no more
not while I'm around
I refuse to let this continue
to slowly break us down
because I refuse to lose you
not now, not like this
I need our friendship
I need our talks, bond, our kiss
I need you to believe me
when I confess to you
that every word you're reading
is honest, sincere, and true
You are my inner child
You are these words you've read
You are the change in my life
You are the stars above my bed
I will save us from this
and we can make it through
as long as you believe me
and feel the same way too
(Jan 26 / 2007)
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