Your cold, tired eyes
pierce the darkness of Night
as your head rest upon the pillow
Solitude falls upon your soul
Tonight ------
You are alone
You have escaped the world
Broken dreams dance about
and your thoughts abandon you
Your emotions slowly fade
into the ear-piercing silence of Tomorrow
Memory whispers her sweet name
into your waiting imagination
and Comfort begins to spread
throughout your beating chest
Yesterday stands quietly
waiting patiently beside your bed
He waits for Sleep to show her face
before he bids you farewell
but she has yet to come
Night begins to burn away
one breath at a time
The broken dreams cease to dance
and they now start to fall
like floating white feathers
gliding through the air
decending upon Memory's lips
More whispers storm your imagination
as you cold, tired eyes
continue to pierce the darkness of Night
You drift off into forgotten fantasies
holding tightly to comforting thoughts
of having Yesterday at your side
but Time refuses to compromise
and he surrounds Yesterday
pulling and tugging away from you
Solitude melts into Horror
as Panic invades your heart
You try to scream for Time
to return Yesterday to your side
but before you can
Sleep kisses you softly
and it's all over

             - January 5 / 2005

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